To respond to a market whose musical offers are more and more varied, both in quality and in quantity, Gimmemusic has created a complete and extensive service which puts emphasis on a strong creative potential, covering the entire musical chain of production and conceding copyrights in a simple and trustworthy manner.


You need music for a work of fiction, music for a particular brand, a snappy jingle, a catchy melody or maybe sound design, the Gimmemusic team studies in detail all requests during the pre-production phase and will unveil to you its first ideas of composition within a short period of time and with absolutely no obligation. Thanks to our reservoir of talents, we cover a large range of current music as well as traditional music and we are sensitive to the combination of styles in order to give an innovative touch to your project.


Gimmemusic has at its disposition a small catalogue of musical works and background music ready to be used. You can discover them on the page “music library”. Our producers are currently working on developing several collections which will enhance our catalogue you can visit the catalogue which will soon be published on our website in its complete version

Soundalike !

You may be dreaming of a commercial music broadcast on the radio which would be perfect for your project. However, obtaining the legal rights proves to be complicated Gimmemusic has the solution: produce a music which sounds like the original and in complete legality.

Sound design 
& voice off

Would you like to put a more dynamic touch to your audiovisual productions? Our experts in sound design will use all their know-how to produce the most appropriate sound effects and to find the right sound.

In order to enhance the intensity of your work. If you are looking for a particular voice Gimmemusic will find the perfect one for you.


You want your music to touch a large audience but you don’t know which favorite hit to choose. Gimmemusic, using its solid musical culture, will perform synchronization tests and will offer you the most appropriate choices. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Gimmemusic has contacts which allow them to know rapidly the cost and therefore can directly negotiate the copyrights with the editors and producers of the music you want to use.


With Gimmemusic, no need to go through a copyright company. your only intermediary is US! We handle all mechanical and performing rights ourselves, and we are therefore able to propose competitive offers. Moreover, we take care of obtaining the required authorizations from collective management companies. This service is automatically included in our offer. If you wish to use music from our catalogue, we deliver licenses quickly under favorable conditions.



With our combined knowhow in the field of production as well as in publishing, we can offer our clients a high level of service and ensure a fluid and efficient workflow where each member of our team can concentrate on his particular field of activity. This work being collaborative creates a dynamic which is propice to generating ideas and stimulates our creativity.


Gimmemusic binds itself to your creative process and becomes a real part of your team. Whatever may be the delays, we are by your side to make your project progress under the best conditions, even for specific requests or last minute adaptations.


Our contracts for orders and/or licenses are secured, trustworthy and give you the assurance to exploit your project in complete confidence. Our servers and clouds are highly secured in order to guarantee you complete confidentiality in the work you confide to us.